About Me

My purpose in blogging is to help people who are, shall we say, unimaginative when it comes to decorating and having a vision for their space. I know how great it is to love the spaces that surround you, whether at work or at home, and I would love to be a part of helping people to accomplish their goals.

I am a Certified Home Stager and Redesigner as well as a professional painter. I have also been a do-it-yourselfer for many years and have taught myself bits and pieces about plumbing, electrical, carpentry and landscaping. I like to try tasks myself and always ask before I try something new, “What would the cost be to hire a professional to fix my screw up if things don’t go well?” If the answer is “too much”, I defer to the professionals. If it’s not too much, get out of the way! I don’t like to pay for things I may be able to tackle myself. And as corny as it sounds, there is a lot of self-gratification on a job when it turns out well! And I love trying new things.

My wish is that you’ll give some of these projects a try, and I hope you’ll check back from time to time to see what’s new. I’ve always got a new project just around the corner!


What do you think of this post? Any questions?

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