Easy Front Porch Updates

Simple Front Porch Re-do

If the front exterior entry area of your home is looking a little tired, it’s one of the easiest and least expensive areas to revamp. It’s especially crucial to have a nice-looking entry if you’re planning to put your house on the market, and need to make a welcoming first impression.

This front porch happens to belong to my son, Ross. It’s a cute little space, but it’s just not living up to its true potential. We’re gonna change all that.

Easy Front Porch Updates / HomeStagingBloomingtonIL

I can’t figure out why it looks like a number “8” was hand painted on his door at one time, because his house number isn’t eight. Nor does it have an eight in it. Nor is it only one digit. Hmmm. And besides the mystery number, there are a lot of marks and scratches and brush strokes that we need to say farewell to.

(For an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to paint a door, see my previous post, “Paint Your Front Door to Boost Curb Appeal“.)

Easy Front Porch Updates / HomeStagingBloomingtonIL

So what we did was paint the door black (And when I say “we” I mean me). Then the freshly painted door made his door knob and dead bolt look a little rough, so Ross decided to buy new door hardware. Then, of course with the new paint color and new hardware, the light fixture didn’t look quite right, so “we” spray painted that. (See how here.)

 Easy Front Porch Updates / HomeStagingBloomingtonIL

Easy Front Porch Updates / HomeStagingBloomingtonIL

A quart of paint for the door, a can of spray paint for the light fixture, and some new door hardware made this entry area much more inviting for not a lot of money.

Ross isn’t a take-care-of-flower-pots sort of guy, and he doesn’t have much room for clutter on his porch. But you can see what an improvement these simple changes made to his home, even without the addition of decorative elements. It’s a simple, no-fuss, sophisticated space now, and he loves it. (So does Mom.)

Easy Front Porch Updates / HomeStagingBloomingtonIL

 Easy Front Porch Updates / HomeStagingBloomingtonIL

We even decided to paint the inside of his door while we were at it, and it looks much more interesting than the boring white that was there before.

 Easy Front Porch Updates / HomeStagingBloomingtonIL

This post was written by Tracy Evans who is a Certified Home Stager, Certified Redesigner and Journeyman Painter servicing the Central Illinois area. Feel free to visit her website at www.HelpAtHomeStaging.com to view her portfolio for more before and after pictures of her projects. And if you enjoy gardening, you may want to visit her gardening blog at MyUrbanGardenOasis.


2 thoughts on “Easy Front Porch Updates

  1. Margaret McKnight says:

    Tracy, I love the work you do. The ideas and outcomes are fantastic but your great instructions are priceless. I always feel confident that the outcome will be fantastic. So I am hoping you have some insight on a project my sister his doing… My son has been hosting my sister and his cousin for a de months in his house. She has this great pub table set she is redoing in chalk paint as a thank you to him. Here is where I am hoping you can help. She is recovering the seat cushions on the stools and asked me to get the fabric. I have been searching for weeks for a sturdy fabric with a guitar design but have found nothing. So I was thinking I could get a base color fabric and use fabric paint to do a design maybe using a block stamp or maybe hand painting. Any ideas or guidance you might have would be much appreciated.

    Warm regards, Momma Daisy and Momma Jo

    Sent from my iPad



    • Tracy Evans says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I’ve covered many a chair in my day, but don’t have much experience with fabric paints. I recently used a paint pen to write on a t-shirt. I printed out my wording on my printer, and put the paper inside the t-shirt so I could see the lettering through it. You could also tape the fabric up to a window so the light would show through it better, and then trace. I know there are better ways of doing what you’re wanting to do, but I’ve not tried them. Thank you for your faith in me though! Maybe some other commenters can help. Anyone?


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